Do you pay your contractors super? You might need to.

If you think a contractor is your way around employee benefits like superannuation, think again. I recently overheard a man say, “The law changed so that contractors always get paid super. It’s that simple.” This statement isn’t correct. Change ‘always’ to ‘sometimes’ and it would be. But that still doesn’t make it simple. Contractors (also…

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What You Need To Know About Scare Articles

Bookit Blog ATO Credit Tax 2017

Last week, we linked to an interesting article on our Facebook page. We wanted to make you aware of the kinds of articles to dismiss when they come up in your feed. Chances are, you already took one look at it and knew it was not worth your time. However, we thought it would be…

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How Bookkeepers Help Your Business Succeed

Why You Need A Bookkeeper | Bookit Bookkeeping

Starting a business is daunting. The doubt that you’ve got a good idea, the late nights planning it out, the website you created that you keep changing. Then you finally launch it, and it’s exhilarating: the first client, the first invoice, the first payment, the next client, the ups and the downs. The ultimate responsibility…

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